Wealth Structuring, Trust and Fiduciary Services

Kleinwort Benson has been protecting family wealth for over 200 years. 

We can help you protect your wealth by managing structures that have been created to meet your individual needs.

We look at a client’s overall position and work in partnership with specialist external advisers to protect wealth, and ensure it can be passed on in as efficient a manner as possible.

We help you and your advisers create and implement an overarching framework to achieve your financial and estate planning goals. We work with you to both put this plan into action and to manage the solution for the future.

Our range of wealth structuring solutions include:

  • Inheritance planning – assisting you and working with your advisers to establish the most suitable structure to meet your individual needs.
  • Succession planning – helping you think about the future and how you would like to pass on your personal and business assets.
  • Asset protection – in troubled times you want to ensure that your wealth is sheltered from a variety of threats, such as political turbulence, family or business disputes. We look after a variety of structures from the politically stable and well regulated jurisdictions of Guernsey, Jersey and the UK.
  • Retirement planning – providing you with advice about pensions and helping you plan for your retirement.
  • Residence and domicile – working with your advisers to help you navigate the UK rules where you have connections in more than one jurisdiction.


We work with you, your family (where appropriate) and your advisers over the lifetime of your structure, with the aim of safeguarding not only the assets it holds, but also the integrity of the structure itself.  Our Trust Directors have on average 16 years’ experience each at Kleinwort Benson, providing you with long continuity of service. We work with clients all over the world, putting in place structures to hold and protect wealth.

Our expertise

Our knowledge has been built up over many years, and for many of our clients we now work with the second and third generations of the family.  Our breadth and depth of experience means we have already encountered and resolved many of the issues facing the modern international family.

Our approach

We are objective and client-focused.  We assess challenges from your perspective, and balance that with our fiduciary responsibility in order to arrive at solutions that will stand the test of time.  Our teams are structured to be flexible and responsive, with short communication lines so we can move quickly on your behalf and in partnership with your advisers.


More information can be found on fees and charges for onshore fiduciary services in the following documents:

Kleinwort Benson Trustees Limited Terms and Conditions

UK Fiduciary Fee Charging Schedule

We look at your total position and work in partnership with your external advisers to protect your wealth

“Ingenuity - that’s a good word to describe Kleinwort Benson. They presented solutions that hadn’t even occurred to me, and which I hadn't considered previously, and yet they met my needs perfectly.”

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