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Services for UK Financial Advisers

We aim to act as an extension of your team, adding value to the services and advice that you offer your clients in a number of areas including:

  • High quality outsourced investment management
  • Traditional Private Banking levels of service and client focus
  • Cash Management
  • Lending

Our dedicated team of award winning professionals provides a tailored approach, earning trust by delivering what we promise.  We offer competitive pricing, reflecting our approach of working in partnership.

Discretionary Portfolio Service

Using Kleinwort Benson’s asset allocation models, our discretionary portfolios are designed to actively deliver an optimal return for a client’s designated risk profile. With direct contact and ongoing reviews with a dedicated portfolio manager, this proposition is ideal for those who prefer a more service-driven approach. These portfolios will reflect our key investment views and conviction positions as well as offering the ability to adjust the solution where necessary to fit individual circumstances more closely. Available for portfolios of £250,000 and above.

Bespoke Portfolio Service

For clients who require a highly tailored approach or perhaps need a more precise mandate, our Bespoke Portfolio Service offers exactly that: a bespoke portfolio to meet specifically with your clients’ exacting requirements, however detailed they may be. It is an ideal solution for clients with more complex circumstances, charities and pension schemes. We have significant experience in this area and portfolios can be designed to meet individual objectives such as unique asset allocations, specific real return targets or ethical considerations. Available for portfolios of £3,000,000 and above. 

Managed Portfolio Solutions

Our risk-rated models offer a fully transparent portfolio provided via a variety of market-leading platforms and wrappers. With six models, including an income option, there is a solution to suit most risk appetites. Portfolios will provide exposure to equities, bonds, alternative assets and cash. These models provide a cost effective way of accessing Kleinwort Benson’s asset allocation models and provide exposure to our team’s investment philosophy and process. 


We also offer customised credit solutions across a range of assets. Our experience of clients’ many differing circumstances helps us to approach your clients’ lending requirements with a flexible and competitive service, with the ability to move quickly when it matters.

Our most common lending is against property, which tends to be mortgages against prime residential property. In addition, we offer loans secured by investment portfolios held and managed by Kleinwort Benson or secured by matching cash deposits. In certain circumstances we also look at commercial lending.

We offer customised lending solutions across a range of other assets. Our rates are competitive, our administration efficient and we take decisions quickly.

Cash Management

As a bank, we are able to provide a number of options to clients, including call, notice and fixed term deposits which can be used to assist with liquidity and strategic cash needs.  We can also provide a competitive foreign exchange dealing service in all major currencies. 

Principal Investments & Advisory

We know that for many of our clients their private business interests are an integral part of their overall wealth, which need to be managed in line with their personal assets. Our Principal Investments and Advisory team gives you access to your own corporate advisory department, providing advice and support with equity and debt private placements, mid-market mergers and acquisitions, and co-investment in exclusive off-market opportunities.

Structured Investment Solutions

Full Capital Protection

We are able to offer a range of structured investment solutions for investors who want access to market returns, but have a low risk profile and want to ensure that their capital is fully protected at maturity.

Conditional Capital Protection

These investments are suitable for investors who have a medium risk profile and are looking for yield enhancement or geared participation in an underlying asset.


For investors with a higher risk profile who are looking for the outperformance of an underlying asset, we are able to offer opportunities to increase leverage. We can also offer leveraged solutions for investors who want full exposure but only want to invest a small amount to trade. These types of investments may be used to benefit from trends in the markets or to hedge portfolios from market fluctuations.

To launch a new structured product, we require a minimum of £500,000 or equivalent. We also have an active secondary market of launched products. These may be bought or sold in smaller sizes.

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Your eligible deposits with Kleinwort Benson Bank Limited are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit guarantee scheme. Any deposits you hold above the limit are unlikely to be covered.

Please click here for further information or visit www.fscs.org.uk

Kleinwort Benson places all client deposits with a spread of approved counterparties including other parts of the Societe Generale Group (the “Group”). As such their financial standing is linked to that of the Group. Depositors should form their own view of the financial standing of the Group based upon publicly available information.

Kleinwort Benson is a participant in the Guernsey Banking Deposit Compensation Scheme (the ‘Scheme’). The Scheme offers protection for ‘qualifying deposits’ up to £50,000.00 subject to certain limitations. The maximum total amount of compensation is capped at £100,000,000.00 in any 5 year period. Full details are available on the Scheme’s website www.dcs.gg or on request. Please note deposits with Kleinwort Benson outside the UK are not covered by the UK FSCS.